Plastic Ice-cream Container

Ice-cream Plastic Container Box

Ice-cream Plastic Container Box is a holder or a can of ice-cream. all ages of people love ice cream. There have a small number of people whose are not fond of ice cream. So ice-cream attract us much when we saw a beautiful container or box carry it.for that reason ice-cream Box is most important thing. Q pail manufactures all shapes and all kinds of Ice cream can, container ,

Q Pail started its journey from 1992 in the port city in Chittagong as named as Xclusive Can Limited. Xclusive CanLimited is Metal can manufacturer Bangladesh, on the other hand Q pail is a plastic Can manufacturer Bangladesh. If we say at that side here Q pail manufactures best Ice-Cream Plastic Container Box in Bangladesh. There are small number of people who can stop them to eat Ice-cream, if the ice-cream can or holder Look attractive anyone will be attracted.