Plastic Food Container

Plastic Food Container BoxPlastic Food Container Box

Plastic Food Container is most important product in our household work. Q pail manufactures strong food plastic Container Box. Q Pail extremely famous for manufacturing all kinds of food can, food container, food box . Those are made from some easy sourcing raw materials which are available in our country. Q Pail manufactures Plastic Food Container Box in their own factory.
Q pail started its journey from 1992 in the port city of Chittagong . now we started another branches in Dhaka, where our products manufacturing and sales services are open. In Dhaka it got the name Q pail limited , and in Chittagong it got named Xclusive Can limited. Q pail manufactures food container and boxes in which shapes you want. Q pail’s food can is quality can especially exclusive shape. Without Can we couldn’t even think about our kitchen. Always time ceramics are not safe in kitchen, Thinking about all these things we use Plastic Food Container or Plastic Can Or Plastic Box in our kitchen which is also safe and easy to preserve in Refrigerator. So for nice and long lasting uses for your kitchen and home Q Pail’s Plastic food can, container or Box is best.