Q Pail


The company commenced its journey back in 1992 in a very limited scope with scarce resources. Its stride was initiated from the port city of Chittagong. At the inception stage it was a family enterprise with no business background of the persons behind. It had to pass through many vicissitudes of business prior to coming to the present position.

At the inception, the company had its main focus in metal package manufacturing and printing thereon for the paint sector. However, in course of time, due to the age demand, it also started making rigid plastic packing items for industrial use. Over the period, it also ensued making both rigid plastic and metal packing items for other industrial sectors as well beyond Paint.

Its dominant concentration is on rigid Industrial Packaging Materials, nevertheless its future plan is also to penetrate in almost all plastic consumer and industrial products markets as fit its vision and core competence .

The company has two separate business entities with three different units under the same management. One is in Chittagong with its second unit as well as another entity in Dhaka. The name of the business entity of Chittagong with its second unit at Majukhan, Dhaka is Xclusive Can Ltd. and that of another one in Dhaka is Q Pail Ltd.The business in Dhaka kicked off in 2007.

Both the factories in Dhaka are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Moreover Xclusive Can Ltd. unit in Dhaka has already obtained FSSC 22000 v 5.1 certificate which is meant for Food, Pharma and Cosmetic related items and its primary packaging. Xclusive Can Ltd. has achieved GMP certificate.

The Chittagong part of Xclusive Can Ltd. is dealing mainly with metal packaging while its Dhaka part with boh plastic and metal packaging and other items. On the other hand Q Pail Ltd. deals with only rigid and flexible plastic packing items. The Chittagong factory is at the heart of Chittagong city and 2 factories in Dhaka are at Tongi and Mazukhan which are respectively only 5 km and 8 km away from Dhaka International Airport.

The 2nd unit of Xclusive Can Ltd has been constructed at the fag end of 2019. This unit has the facility of producing both plastic and metal items under the same roof. Moreover, this factory is fully compliant in all respects and state of the art one. It has been made aiming at catering to the country’s various sector/industry specific evolving needs and demands for quality industrial plastic and metal packing items with particular emphasis on food, pharma and cosmetics.

This latest factory is eco-friendly with a dual ventilation system of both natural and mechanical , architecturally robust & aesthetic, hygienic, neat & clean having conducive working environment with all utility services centralized and sophisticated. The factory is also buttressed with latest knowhow, skilled manpower, good management practices, automated production process and facilities. It has a full-fledged Workshop and R&D Lab aided with cutting edge equipment for immediate fixation of any Mold and Die’s problem as well as ensuring product’s consistent quality and new development . It is also equipped with highly experienced engineers and technicians, managers, strong Quality Assurance Process & team, contractual foreign RM suppliers, and its own delivery transport pool. All its activities and processes are documented and traceable with spelled-out Policy guidelines.

We believe in catering our valued customers fast and best and fostering a theme of growing together with our development partners.


Syed Md. Nasir Uddin

Managing Director

We have started our journey back in 1992 in a very limited scope with scarce resources. Its journey stared from the port city of Chittagong. At the inception stage it was a family enterprise with no business background of the persons behind. It has to pass through many lassitude of business before coming to present position. The company is mainly in Plastic and Metal Package manufacturing and printing business. However it also deals with other plastic items and its future plan is to penetrate in almost all plastic consumer and industrial products market. Now the company has two separate business entities under the same management- one is in Chittagong and another one is in Dhaka. The name of the Business of Chittagong is Xclusive Can Ltd and that of Dhaka is Q pail Ltd. The business in Dhaka was started in 2007.The Chittagong part of business is dealing mainly with Metal Packaging while Dhaka part with Plastic Packaging and other items. The Chittagong factory is at the heart of Chittagong city and Dhaka factory is at Tongi.

We consider integrity as our core strength. We are honest in our work, and hope to retain this honesty in the years to come. It’s our integrity that inspires us to produce the best products, establishing a mutual beneficial relationship with the nation.

Best Regards
Syed Md Nasir Uddin
Managing Director


Practical experience for over 25 years in manufacturing of plastic and metal packaging products and printing thereon through various processes as required and demanded.

State of the art technology for manufacturing and printing of plastic and metal industrial packing items.

Plastic items’ production process is aided with Auto Loading, Auto Dozing, Vacuum Succession and Robotic technology while metal items’ components making and and their assembling line is completely automatic. We are the only player in primary rigid packing items making industry to adopt complete automated production process.

Ability to adapt to newer technology and practices.

A great pool of experienced and qualified engineers, technicians and business managers.

An in- house strong R & D department as well as commensurate Lab Facilities.

Facilities for mandatory and pre-scheduled on/off job training for all workers and employees.

Use of high-tech communication systems.

Long term contract with reputed foreign suppliers for main raw materials to ensure quality consistency.

Adequate production and raw material and finished items storing facility.

In-house product design facility.

Well-equipped in-house and full fledged mold and die repairing and maintenance workshop.

Adequate scope to increase the production capacity at any time.

A competent and dedicated team for market intelligence and dealing .

We have both HTF (Heat Transfer Film) and IML (In-Mold Label) printing facilities. We are the pioneer in introducing HTF printing and the lone for IML in the country.

All activities and Process are conducted , measured , controlled , evaluated and documented by preset appropriate Policy guidelines/ SOPs , Procedure and Checklists for traceability and Corrective and preventive action.


“We never compromise with the quality and follow a zero defect policy”

Our Quality Control starts with raw material selection. The company has experts to select the right quality and grade of plastic resin, Tin Plate and Printing Ink.

Prior to selecting any new grade of plastic resin, Tin Plate or Ink, rigorous study is undertaken by experts of internal and external sources to conform with the product's specifications and needed properties.

Test samples of simple products/containers are chosen on a random basis from every hour production or from 100 products of every production batch. Test samples of critical products or printed ones are taken in smaller lots based on pragmatic circumstances and requirements.

Every test sample goes through a series of quality tests that examines its reliability, durability, functionality and compliance to customers' specification as well as local/international standard as required.

All components of test sample particularly their critical features undergo rigorous scrutiny and test.

Besides products' specific test, every test sample undergoes Arm’s length Drop test, High altitude test, Load full Impact test , Creeping Test , Empty & Load full Tumble Test, Air Tight Test, Fitment Test, Stacking test,Color Fading Test, Color Tap Test, Color Scratch Test, UV test, Roll-on test etc.

If a batch’s sample fails test by more than one (1) sample then test sample selection number is reduced to 50 and rigorous test is done again to accurately conform to needed quality.

If, in this reduced test sample size, successive 2 samples fail the test, then the entire Batch is rejected. Necessary investigation is undertaken to find the root cause of the problem and corrective/preventive action is taken accordingly.

All the respective people of the production and QC department are imparted on-job and off-job training regularly on quality assurance system.

We have written Policy, SOP, Procedure and Checklist to perform every Quality test and all results are documented and preserved for a certain period for traceability.


Made of virgin plastic resin / prime quality metal sheet 

Customized as required


Sag Resilient

Creep withstanding

Excellent Impact Strength

Fair UV Resistant

Dust Anti Blocking and Slippery

Anti-static to dirt and filth

High ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance)

Excellent toughness

Fair Stiffness

Excellent Stacking

Products printable in various pleasant colors as ordered

High print quality and durability

Accurate fitment to Container and Lid/Cap

High performance in handling, transportation and storing phase

Excellent finish & Gloss

Good color fastness